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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Dividends]

Accrued dividend Accumulated dividend Accumulated earnings tax Adjustable rate preferred stock Automatic reinvestment plan Cash dividend Constructive receipt Cumulative dividend Cumulative preferred Current income Current yield Date of payment Date of record Declare Disbursing agent Distribution date Distribution period Dividend clawback Dividend clientele Dividend discount model Dividend in arrears Dividend payout ratio Dividend rate Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividend requirement Dividend rollover plan Double taxation DRIP Effective par Entitlements Equity-linked note Fiscal agent Fractional share Growth stock Income coverage Income stock Indicated dividend Indicated yield Look-through earnings Non-cumulative preferred Omitted dividend Optional dividend Participating dividend Participating preferred Payable date Paying agent Payment date Payout ratio Plow back Preference shares Preferred shares Preferred stock Prior preferred stock Record date Reinvestment Second preferred stock Shareholder Special dividend Stock dividend Stockholder Total return Unpaid dividend X or XD Yield