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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Earnings]

10-K 10-Q Accretive Accumulated earnings Accumulated earnings tax Annualize Basic earnings per share Burn rate Capitalization of income Capitalization rate Capital structure Cap rate Cash earnings Dilution Dilutive Dividend payout ratio Dividend requirement Double taxation Earned surplus Earnings report Earnings yield EBITDA margin Economic surplus Filing Form 10-Q Forward P/E Fully diluted earnings per share Growth stock In line Invested capital Look-ahead bias Look-through earnings Market capitalization Normalized earnings Operating profit margin Other income Payout ratio Permanent capital P&L Plow back Primary earnings per share Profit and loss statement Profit warning Provision for income taxes Quarterly Quarterly report Recast earnings Regulated investment company Residual security Retained earnings Retention rate Return on Total Assets ROIC SEC SEC filing Securities and Exchange Commission Sequential Shortfall Stock buyback Times interest earned Trailing P/E Trust-preferred security Unappropriated profit Value stock Visibility Whisper number Year-over-year Year-To-Date YTD