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Investment Dictionary, In Category [IPOs]

Add-on service Aftermarket Allotment Allottee Assimilation Banking syndicate Best efforts offering Blowout Breaking the syndicate Broker loan Brought over the wall Circle Collar Competitive bid Corporate Financing Committee Dated date Date of issue Deficiency letter Directed share program Direct financing Direct placement Direct Public Offering Distributing syndicate DPO Due diligence Effective date Exit strategy Filing Final prospectus Firm commitment offering Flipping Floating security Flotation Flotation costs Form S-1 Free riding Friends and family offering Fully distributed issue Fund Going public Green shoe Gross proceeds Gross spread Group sale Gun jumping Hot issue House of issue Indication of interest Initial Public Offering Institutional pot Intrastate offering Investment bank Investment banker Investment banking Investment banking group IPO Issue date Jointly and severally Jumping the gun Lead manager Lead underwriter Letter of comment Liquidity event Lockup period Managing underwriter Mezzanine financing Mezzanine level Negotiated underwriting New issue Offering Offering date Offering price Originator Overallotment Overissue Oversubscribed Pipeline Placement Pot Preliminary prospectus Primary market Public company Public offering Public offering price Public Securities Association Quiet period Reallowance Red herring Registered Company Registration Registration Statement Regulation A Release letter Reverse acquisition Reverse merger Reverse Take-Over Right Road show Round of funding Rule 415 SCOR SEC SEC filing Secondary distribution Secondary market Secondary offering Securities and Exchange Commission Selling group Severally but not jointly Shelf offering Shelf registration Small corporate offering registration Stabilization Stagging Standby commitment Subscribe Subscription price Syndicate Syndicate manager Syndicate member Tombstone Underbanked Underbooked Underpricing Underwriter Underwriting Underwriting agreement Underwriting group Underwriting spread