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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Investor Relations]

10-K 10-Q 52-week high 52-week low Accounts receivable Accounts receivable turnover Accretive Accrued dividend Accumulated dividend Accumulated earnings tax Acquisition Adjustable rate preferred stock Aggregate corporation Allowance for depreciation American Stock Exchange Amortization Analyst Annual return Asset Asset/equity ratio Asset acquisition Asset class Asset financing Auditor Automatic reinvestment plan Average accounting return Basic earnings per share Beneficial owner Blue Chip Break-even analysis Burn rate Buy Callable stock Capital budget Capital gains distribution Capitalization rate Capitalized interest Capital structure Cash dividend Cash earnings Certificated stock Certificate of stock Chart Chicago Board Options Exchange CINS number Closed corporation Closely held Closing entry Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Common-law voting Common stock equivalent Consolidated financial statement Constructive receipt Consumer stock Control stock Corporate action Corporate governance Cost of carry Cost Of Goods Sold Cost of sales Cumulative dividend Cumulative preferred Cumulative voting Current income Current liabilities Cyclical stock Deal stock Debt service coverage Declare Defensive stock Deficit net worth Demand rights Depreciation Dilution Dilutive Disbursing agent Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Dissolution Distribution stock Dividend clientele Dividend discount model Dividend in arrears Dividend rate Dividend requirement Donated stock Double taxation Dow Dow Jones Averages Dow Jones Industrial Average Earned surplus Earnings report Earnings yield EBITDA margin Effective par Effective tax rate Emerging market Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee stock repurchase agreement Entitlements Equity option Ex-all Exchange Exchange ratio Expected return Fair market value Financial Accounting Standards Board Financial statement Financing flows First preferred stock Fiscal Fiscal agent Fiscal year Fixed asset Float Forbes 500 Forecast Form 10-Q Form 8-K Form S-1 Fortune 500 Forward P/E Forward pricing Fractional share Full disclosure Full stock Fully diluted earnings per share Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Goodwill Gross margin Gross profit Gross profit margin Gross sales Growth Growth stock Growth strategy Hedge Hidden asset High High-flyer High-tech stock Holding company Identified shares Income statement Income stock Indicated dividend Indicated yield Industry Initial Public Offering In line Inside market Insider Insider trading Insider Trading sanctions Act of 1984 Interest Interest expense Interim statement Internal Rate of Return Investment flows Investor relations Liquid Liquidation value Liquidity Liquidity ratio Loan stock Long-term debt Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities Look-through earnings Marginable stock Market capitalization Merger MRQ Multiple Net Asset Value Net book value Net capital ratio Net current assets Net income Net margin Net Operating Income Net operating margin Net profit Net profit margin Net sales Net surplus New York Stock Exchange Non-cash expense Non-cumulative preferred Nonvoting stock Normalized earnings Note NYSE Omitted dividend One-share one-vote rule Operating cash flows Operating margin Option Optionable stock Optional dividend Original issue stock Other current assets Other income Other long term liabilities Parity Participating dividend Participating preferred Payable date Paying agent Payment date Payout ratio Performance Permanent capital Phantom income Plow back Pooling of interests Portfolio Pre-depreciation profit Preferred stock Premium raid Pretax Pre-tax profit margin Primary earnings per share Prior preferred stock Profit Profit and loss statement Profit margin Profit warning Pro forma Proportional representation Provision for income taxes Proxy statement Quantitative analysis Rating Ratio Recast earnings Record date Redeemable shares Reinvestment Reinvestment risk Reports and Records Residual security Restricted stock Retained earnings Retention rate Return of capital Return on Invested Capital Return on Total Assets Reverse leverage Right Secondary offering Secondary stock Second preferred stock Securities and Exchange Commission Selling, General and Administrative Expenses Share Shareholder Short interest Short interest ratio SIC Sleeper Special dividend Standard Industrial Classification Statutory voting Stock bonus plan Stockbroker Stock buyback Stock certificate Stock Clearing Corporation Stock consolidation Stock dividend Stock exchange Stockholder Stock index Stock market Stock option Stock option plan Stock power Stock screening Stock swap Stock symbol Stock ticker Stranded asset Summary annual report Synergy Tax Tax schedule Technical analysis Tender offer Ticker Ticker symbol Top line Total asset turnover Total cost Total return Total return index Trailing P/E Transfer agent Treasury Stock Trend Unappropriated profit Unpaid dividend Value stock Vetoing stock Visibility Volume Voting right Voting stock Whisper number X or XD Yield