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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Mergers and Acquisitions]

Absorbed Acquisition Affiliate Agglomeration Amalgamation Asset acquisition Backdoor listing Black knight Blitzkrieg tender offer Breakup value Bulk sales escrow Bust-up takeover Buyout Consolidation Controlled company Creeping tender offer Deal stock Earnout Earnup Exchange ratio Fairness opinion Form 8-K Friendly takeover Garbatrage Greenmail Highly confident letter Horizontal acquisition Horizontal merger In play In-process research and development Killer bee LBO Leveraged Buyout Leveraged recapitalization Management buyin Merger Mezzanine debt People pill PMV Poison pill Pooling of interests Premium raid Private Market Value Proxy contest Proxy fight Raider Reverse acquisition Reverse merger Reverse Take-Over RTO Rumortrage Sandbag Scorched-earth policy Shark repellent Staggered board of directors Statutory consolidation Statutory merger Stock swap Strategic alliance Strategic buyout Suicide pill Takeover Takeover target Target Tender offer Vertical acquisition Vertical merger War chest Zombie