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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Real Estate]

Abandon Abeyance Absorption rate Abstract of title Action to quiet title Adjustable Rate Mortgage Affordability index After acquired clause Agent Alienate Alienation Alienation clause Amortization Annual mortgagor statement Annual Percentage Rate Appraisal Appraiser APR Asset Assign Assignee Assignment of mortgage Assignor Assumable mortgage Bad title Beneficial owner Bill of sale CAD Cap Capital asset Cash Against Documents Cash-out refinancing Certificate of Occupancy Certificate of title Chattel mortgage Clear title Closing Closing agent Closing date Closing statement Cloud on title Commercial mortgage Commercial property Commission Condemnation Condominium Contingent remainder Contract for deed Contract sale Conventional mortgage Convertible ARM Conveyance Cooperative Current production rate Debt Deed Deed of Release Deed of Surrender Deed of Trust Department of Housing and Urban Development Direct lease Discharge of lien Disposition Down payment Due-on-sale clause Dwarf Easement Economic rent Eminent Domain Equity mortgage Equity REIT Escalation clause Escalator clause Escheatment Escrow Estate tax Evaluator Eviction Exclusive listing Fannie Mae Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Federal Housing Administration Federal National Mortgage Association Federal Savings and Loan Association FHA FHA Loan FHLMC Finite-life REIT First mortgage Fixed-Rate Mortgage Fixtures FNMA Forfeiture Free and clear FREIT FRM General lien General mortgage Ginnie Mae Ginnie Mae pass-through Ginnie Mae trust GNMA Gnomes Good title Government National Mortgage Association Gross lease Ground lease Growing equity mortgage High-ratio mortgage Home equity Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Home equity debt Home equity line of credit Home equity loan Home inspection Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Housing Market Index Housing starts HUD HUD-1 statement Hybrid REIT I/O strip Illiquid Inchoate interest Income property In escrow Inheritance tax Inspection Installment sales contract Insured mortgage Interest-only strip Interest rate cap Interest rate ceiling Interest rate floor Investment property Involuntary conversion Joint mortgage Joint ownership Joint venture Judicial foreclosure Just title Land banking Land contract Land lease Landlocked Landlord Lease Leasehold Lease-purchase agreement Lessee Lessor Leveraged lease Lien Lien affidavit Lienee Lienor Lifetime cap Listing Loan-to-cost Loan-to-value Long-term lease Long-term mortgage Lucrative title MBS Mortgage Mortgage-backed certificate Mortgage-backed security Mortgage banker Mortgage banking Mortgage bond Mortgage broker Mortgage debt Mortgagee Mortgage interest deduction Mortgage lien Mortgage life insurance Mortgage note Mortgage pass-through security Mortgage pool Mortgager Mortgage rate Mortgage REIT Mortgage risk Mortgage servicing Mortgagor NAREIT National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts Negative amortization Net income multiplier Net lease No-lien affidavit Non-financial asset Non-investment property Nonjudicial foreclosure Notorious possession Occupancy agreement Open-end lease Open-end mortgage Open mortgage Operating lease Opinion of title Original principal balance Origination fee Overlying mortgage Own Owner financing Package mortgage Partial release Participation Passive income Passive loss Penalty Perfecting title Perfect title Personal property PITI PMI Pool Pool factor Possession Preforeclosure sale Prepayment risk Prepayment speed Prequalification Principal Principal amount Principal balance Private Mortgage Insurance Private sector pass-through Projected maturity date Property Property tax Purchase agreement Purchase-money mortgage Qualifying ratios Quiet title Quitclaim deed Rate-improvement Raw land Real asset Real estate Real estate agent Real estate broker Realtor Realty Reconveyance Redemption period Release clause Remaining principal balance Remise Rent Rent control Rentier REO Residential mortgage Residential property Residential rental property Reverse-annuity mortgage Reverse mortgage Right of redemption Risk Rollover mortgage Sales charge Sales fee Secondary mortgage market Second mortgage Security interest Self-amortizing mortgage Seller financing Settlement Settlement sheet Severalty Share appreciation mortgage Special use property Speculation Speculator Standard payment calculation Start rate Step-down lease Step-up lease Submortgage Subordination clause Survivorship Synthetic lease Tax lien Tax roll Teaser rate Tenancy Tenancy at will Tenancy by the entirety Tenant Time-sharing Title binder Title company Title defect Title insurance Title search Transfer Transfer tax Treasury index Truth in Lending Two-step mortgage Unencumbered property Warranty deed Zone Zoning