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Investment Dictionary, Terms Starting With [E]

Earning asset Earnings report EBITDA margin Economic surplus Economic value Effective debt Efficiency ratio Expenditure Expense Effective annual interest rate EFT Electronic Funds Transfer Eurodollar certificate of deposit Exact interest Excess reserves Embedded option Equity-linked note Equity risk premium Escrowed to maturity Eurobond Euroclear Eurodollar bond Euroequity issues Euroyen bond Event risk Exchange Exchangeable security Exempt security Ex-legal Extendible note Extension swap External financing External funds External market Either-or order Eligible list Exchange seat Execution ECU Euro Eurocommercial paper Eurocurrency Eurodollar European Currency Unit European Monetary System European terms Euroyen Exchange Exchange rate Extended broad money Effective par Entitlements Equity-linked note Earned surplus Earnings report Earnings yield EBITDA margin Economic surplus Easy monetary policy ECI Econometrics Economic Economic cycle Economic growth Economic growth rate Economic indicator Economics Economic sanctions Economic surplus Economist Economy Edge Act Elasticity Employer Cost Index Employment Cost Index Expansion Extended broad money Externality E-mini Euroequity issues Exchange Exchange against actuals Exchange for futures Exchange for physical Exchange of spot Exchange versus cash Exempt security Ex-pit transaction External market EAFE Index ECB Economic sanctions ECU Edge Act Embargo Emerging market EU Euro Eurobond Euroclear Eurocommercial paper Eurocurrency Eurodollar Eurodollar bond Eurodollar certificate of deposit Euroequity issues European Central Bank European Community European Currency Unit European Depositary Receipt European Monetary System European terms European Union Euroyen Euroyen bond Eurozone Exchange rate Eximbank Export Export-Import Bank Export license External market Effective date Eligibility requirements Endorsement Equity funding Escrow Evaluator Excess insurance Excluded risk Exclusion Executive indemnity insurance Eximbank Experience rating Export-Import Bank Earned surplus Earnings report Earnings yield EBITDA margin Effective par Effective tax rate Emerging market Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee stock repurchase agreement Entitlements Equity option Ex-all Exchange Exchange ratio Expected return Effective date Exit strategy Easement Effective date Eminent Domain Endorsement Enrolled agent Entitlements Equitable owner Escheatment Escrow Execution Executor Express agreement Easy monetary policy Effective annual interest rate Electronic wallet Enterprise zone Equity kicker Equity mortgage Evaluator Evergreen loan Exact interest Eximbank Explicit interest Export-Import Bank Earnout Earnup Exchange ratio Elephant Enhanced index fund Environmental fund Equity fund Equity funding Euroequity issues Exchange Exchange fund Exchange privilege Exempt security Exit fee Expense External market Early exercise Embedded option Equity option Escrow receipt Euroequity issues European-style option Exchange Exchange-traded option Exempt security Exercise Exercise assignment Exercise limit Exercise notice Exercise ratio Expiration cycle Expiration date Expiration time External market Ex-warrants Easement Economic rent Eminent Domain Equity mortgage Equity REIT Escalation clause Escalator clause Escheatment Escrow Estate tax Evaluator Eviction Exclusive listing Early withdrawal penalty Earned benefit Education IRA Eligibility requirements Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ERISA Excess accumulation Excess contribution Excess distribution Exclusion ratio Earnings report Earnings yield Effective par Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee stock repurchase agreement Equity capital Equity financing Equity kicker Equity-linked note Equity option Equity REIT Equity risk premium Equity swap ESPP Euroequity issues European Depositary Receipt Exchange Exchangeable security Exchange fund Exchange ratio Exempt security Exercise Exercise ratio Ex-rights Ex-rights date External financing External funds External market Ex-warrants Earnings yield Efficient frontier Efficient portfolio Ethical investing Expected return Extrapolation Early withdrawal penalty Earned income tax credit Education credit Education IRA Effective tax rate Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 Enrolled agent Enterprise zone Equity swap ERISA Escrow Estate tax Estimated tax Evaluator Excess accumulation Excess contribution Excess distribution Excess profits tax Exchange fund Exchange privilege Excise tax Exclusion Exclusion ratio Exempt Exemption Extension Elliott Wave Theory Epsilon ECN Either-or order Electronic Communication Network Elephant Escrow receipt Even lot Even spread Even up Ex-all Excess returns Exchange Exchange distribution Execution Exercise assignment Exercise notice Exit Exit strategy Entrepreneur Exit strategy