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Definition 1 The person from whom a grant is made or a Trust is set up. Definition 2 One who sells a Call or Put option; here also called Writer.

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trust, Revocable trust, Ratio write, Roll up, Return on Capital Employed, SG&A, S&L, Sell, Step-up bond, Sell limit order, Sell order, Sell plus, Sell-side analyst, Sell the book, Stock option, Stock option plan, Selling the spread, Single option, Spread option, Step-up warrant, Synthetic put, Step-up lease, Selling short against the box, Shorting against the box, S Corporation, Short-term gain or loss, Subchapter M, Subchapter S Corporation, Schedule C, Seek a market, S&P phenomenon, T-Bill, Trust-preferred security, Take a position, Trailing P/E, Tenancy by the entirety, Testamentary trust, Trust, Trust company, Trust fund, Truth in Lending, Term trust, The Street, Timing the market, Take a bath, U.S. Government Agency Security, U.S. Savings Bond, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Treasury Bill, U.S. Treasury Bond, U.S. Treasury Note, U.S. Treasury Securities, Uncovered call, Uncovered option, Uncovered put, Unit Investment Trust, Unit Trust, Up volume, Variable ratio write, Voting trust, Write down, Write, Writer, W-2 Form, W formation, X or XD, Yield to call