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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Options]

Abandon Aggregate exercise price Alligator spread American option American Stock Exchange American-style option Amortized value Asian option Ask Asked price Asking price Assignment At the money Automatic exercise Average option Back months Bargain element Basket Bear straddle Below par Best ask Best bid Bid Bid/ask spread Bull straddle Butterfly spread Buy Buy and write Calendar spread Call Called away Call option Call ratio backspread Call swaption Cashless exercise CBOE CBOT Chart Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Board Options Exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange Class Class of options Close to the money Closing transaction CME Collar Combination COMEX Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Commodities Exchange Act Commodity Exchange Commodity pool Commodity Trading Advisor Condor Contract size Conversion arbitrage Counterparty risk Covered call Covered option Covered put Covered straddle Credit spread CUSIP CUSIP number Daily trading limit Debit spread Deep in the money Deep out of the money Delta Delta hedging Delta spread Denomination Derivative Derivative security Diagonal spread Digested security Double witching hour Downside protection Drawn securities Dual listing Early exercise Embedded option Equity option Escrow receipt Euroequity issues European-style option Exchange Exchange-traded option Exempt security Exercise Exercise assignment Exercise limit Exercise notice Exercise ratio Expiration cycle Expiration date Expiration time External market Ex-warrants Far month Far option Financial instrument Fine paper Fluctuation limit Foreign currency option Forward Full ratchet Furthest month Futures option Gamma Good delivery Grade Graduated security Grant date Grantor Hedge Hedge ratio Hedge wrapper Horizontal spread Implied volatility Index option In escrow Interest rate option International Securities Identification Number Intervals Intrinsic value Investment security ISIN Issuer Kappa Knock-out option Lambda Lapsed option Last trading day Law of one price LEAPS Leg Letter security LIFFE Limited risk Listed Listed option Listing Little Board London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange Long Long leg Long position Long straddle Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities Marketability Marketable security Market basket Married put Merc Naked call Naked option Naked put Near option Negotiable security Neutral spread New York Stock Exchange Non-equity option Non-qualified stock option Non-statutory stock option NSO NYSE OCC Offer Offering circular Offering price Opening transaction Open interest OPRA Option Optionable stock Option account Option chain Option contract Optionee Option holder Option margin Option pool Option premium Option price Option pricing curve Options Clearing Corporation Option series Option spread Options Prices Reporting Authority Option writer OTCBB OTC Bulletin Board Outcry Out of the money Out-of-favor Outstanding Over-the-Counter Overwriting Pairs trade Payoff diagram Perpendicular spread Physical option Position limit Premium income Price limit Price spread Primary instrument Privilege dealer Prospectus Protective put Protective put buying Purchase Put Put option Put swaption Put warrant Quotation Quote Rating Rating service Ratio calendar combination Ratio calendar spread Ratio spread Ratio write Redeem Registered options principal Registered security Regular-way delivery Residual security Restricted security Retire Reversal arbitrage Risk Roll down Roll forward Roll up SEC SEC filing Securities and Exchange Commission Sell Selling the spread Series Short leg Short market value Short straddle Single option Speculation Speculator Split rating Spread option Stamped security Step-up warrant Stock option Straddle Strangle Strap Strike index Structured note Swaption Synthetic put Synthetic stock Theoretical value Time spread Trade Trading Triple witching hour Type Uncovered call Uncovered option Uncovered put Underlier Underlying security Underwater Unit Unlimited risk Unlisted Variable ratio write Vega Vertical spread Vesting Vesting period Wallpaper Watch list Witching hour Write Writer