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Change in price, value, or rate.

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Adjustable rate, Accreted value, Amortized value, Asked price, Asking price, At par, All or any part, At best, At call, Adjustable rate preferred stock, Adjusted futures price, At risk, Attorney in fact, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Advance rate, Annual Percentage Rate, Applicable federal rate, A shares, Average price per share, Aggregate exercise price, At the money, Absorption rate, Additional paid-in capital, Assessed value, At the bell, At the close, At the figure, At the full, At the market, At the opening order, Book value per share, Burn rate, Benchmark interest rate, Bank Rate, Base interest rate, Base rate, Blended rate, Broker loan rate, Breakup value, B shares, Break-even tax rate, Call price, Conversion parity price, Conversion price, Conversion value, Coupon rate, Current market value, Current production rate, Call money rate, Capitalization rate, Cap rate, Civilian unemployment rate, Consumer Price Index, Cash price, Cash surrender value, Cash value, Cash value life insurance policy, C shares, Cash or Deferred Arrangement, Class A Shares, Class B Shares, Close a position, Closing price, Curbs in, Deposit in transit, Dollar price, Dividend in arrears, Dividend rate, Discount rate, Delivery price, Debtor in possession, Debtor-in-possession financing, Deep in the money, Economic value, Effective annual interest rate, Either-or order, Exchange rate, Economic growth rate, E-mini, Effective tax rate, First In First Out, Floating-rate bond, Full price, Fill or kill, Front-ending an order, Floating exchange rate, Foreign exchange rate, Forward exchange rate, Forward P/E, Federal Reserve Discount Rate, Free market price, Forward price, Futures price, Fair market value, Fixed rate, Fixed-rate loan, Fixed-Rate Mortgage, Floating rate, Forward interest rate, Forward Rate Agreement, Fair value, G-7, GDP implicit price deflator, G-8, Gather in the stops, Hang Seng Index, Holder in due course, Hang out loan, Held at the opening, Horizontal price movement, Imputed value, In escrow, Interest rate collar, Interest rate risk, Interest rate swap, Intrinsic value, Investment value, In-house, In line, Inflation rate, Interest rate futures, Interbank Rate, Internal Rate of Return, In intestacy, Interest rate, Interest rate cap, Interest rate ceiling, Interest rate floor, In play, In-process research and development, Interest rate option, I/O strip, In-service withdrawal, In and out, In sympathy, In the tank, Last In First Out, Liquidation value, Law of one price, Lending at a rate, Limit price, Long Market Value, London Inter-Bank Offer Rate, Loan-to-value, Loan value, Loan-value ratio, Lock-in, Locked in, Long-term gain or loss, Level I quotes, Market conversion price, Maturity value, Make a market, Margin rate, Market rate, Money at call, Mortgage rate, Mill rate, Market-value weighted index, Maximum price fluctuation, Net book value, Nominal rate, Net Asset Value, Nominal value, Net change, Offering price, Or better, Operating rate, Option price, Pass-through coupon rate, Payment-in-kind security, Premium over bond value, Premium over conversion value, Price Value of a Basis Point, P&L, Price index, Producer Price Index, Parity price, Price limit, Public offering price, Prime rate, Private Market Value, Prime rate fund, Price spread, Paid-in capital, Paid-in surplus, Private Investment in Public Equity, Price range, Price-weighted index, Replacement value, Residual value, Retention rate, Run rate, Real interest rate, Rate covenant, Redemption price, Regulation G, Regulation T, Regulation U, Rate of exchange, Real economic growth rate, Retail Price Index, Regulation A, Rate-improvement, Rate lock, Renegotiable rate, Rate of return, Real rate of return, Salvage value, SG&A, S&L, Spot rate, Straight value, Stop price, Savings rate, Swap rate, Settlement price, Spot price, Surrender value, Subscription price, Start rate, Short market value, Shareholder value, Share price, Split-adjusted price, Short-term gain or loss, Standard mileage rate, Schedule C, Seek a market, S&P phenomenon, T-Bill, Take a position, Trailing P/E, Teaser rate, Truth in Lending, Theoretical value, Tenancy at will, Take a bath, Target price, U.S. Government Agency Security, U.S. Savings Bond, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Treasury Bill, U.S. Treasury Bond, U.S. Treasury Note, U.S. Treasury Securities, Unemployment rate, Variable rate, Value stock, Value averaging, Value investing, Value Added Tax, Written-down value, Wage price spiral, X or XD