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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Retirement]

401(k) plan 403(b) plan 457 plan Accumulation unit Active participant Actuarial assumption Actuarial equivalent After-tax contributions Age-weighted plan Alternate payee Annuitant Annuitize Annuity Annuity factor method Annuity unit Average contribution percentage Back-end load Beneficiary Benefit Benefit offset Benefits administration Blackout period Cafeteria plan Cash-balance plan Cash or Deferred Arrangement Cliff vesting CODA Collectively bargained plan Combination annuity Contribution Death benefit Deferred account Deferred annuity Deferred payment annuity Defined benefit plan Defined contribution plan Determination Letter Direct rollover Direct transfer Distress termination Early withdrawal penalty Earned benefit Education IRA Eligibility requirements Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ERISA Excess accumulation Excess contribution Excess distribution Exclusion ratio Federal Insurance Contributions Act FICA Flexible benefit plan Flexible spending account Front-end load Frozen plan Full surrender GIC Golden boot Graduated vesting Group IRA Guaranteed Investment Contract Highly compensated employee Hybrid annuity Immediate payment annuity Incidental benefit Income replacement ratio Individual policy pension trust In-service withdrawal Investment policy IRA rollover Joint and survivor annuity Joint life annuity Keogh Plan Life annuity Life expectancy method Load Lump sum distribution Matching funds Minimum distribution Nest egg No-load Non-contributory plan Nondeductible contribution Nonelective contribution Nonforfeitable benefit Non-insured plan Nonperiodic distribution Non-qualified retirement plan Normal retirement age OASDI Old age, survivors, and disability insurance Participating GIC PBGC Penalty Pension Pension benefit Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Pension fund Pension plan Pension reversion Periodic payment plan Plan asset Plan sponsor Portability Portfolio manager Premature distribution Preretirement survivor annuity Profit-sharing Prototype plan Prudent Expert Act Qualified retirement plan Qualified trust Qualifying annuity Recharacterization Redemption fee Registered Retirement Savings Plan Required Minimum Distribution Retire Retirement Equity Act of 1984 RMD Rollover Roth IRA RRSP Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees Self-directed retirement account Self-employed pension Separate account SEP Plan SIMPLE SIMPLE IRA Simplified Employee Pension IRA Single-employer plan Single-life annuity Single-Premium Deferred Annuity Social Security Social Security Tax SPD SPDA Spousal IRA Summary annual report Summary plan description Surrender charge Survivor benefit Tax deferral Tax-deferred Top hat plan Transfer payments Underfunded pension plan Vesting Voluntary contribution