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Income whose taxes can be postponed until a later date. Examples include IRA, 401(k), Keogh Plan, Annuity, Savings Bond and Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

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rule, Optionable stock, Original issue stock, Offering date, On account, On-the-spot loan, Owner financing, Option income fund, Own, Old age, survivors, and disability insurance, Ordinary income, On-balance volume, On close, One man picture, On open, On the opening, Owner-employee, Pre-tax profit margin, Profit and loss statement, Par bond, Payment date, Payment-in-kind security, Performance bond, Phantom income, Pickup bond, Premium bond, Premium over bond value, Price Value of a Basis Point, Prior lien bond, Privileged bond, Public bond, Public purpose bond, Put bond, Payable date, Preferred stock, Prior preferred stock, P&L, Provision for income taxes, Periodic payment plan, Projected maturity date, Premium income, Passive income, Property tax, Pension plan, Plan asset, Plan sponsor, Preretirement survivor annuity, Prototype plan, Paid-in capital, Paid-in surplus, Private Investment in Public Equity, Public ownership, Progressive tax, Proportional tax, Point-and-figure chart, Qualified retirement plan, Qualifying annuity, Reports and Records, Return on Capital, Return on Invested Capital, Return on Total Assets, Redeemable bond, Redemption date, Registered coupon bond, Revenue bond, Regulation D, Regulation G, Regulation T, Regulation U, Rule 15c3-1, Record date, Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Restricted stock, Regulation A, Right to Know, Reverse-annuity mortgage, Roth IRA, Regressive tax, Return on Capital Employed, Selling, General and Administrative Expenses, SG&A, Savings account, Savings and Loan, Savings Association Insurance Fund, Savings bank, Savings deposits, S&L, Stock association, Savings Bond, Secured bond, Securities and Exchange Commission, Self-supporting bond, Serial bond, Series bond, Series EE bond, Series HH bond, Short bond, Split coupon bond, Step-up bond, Stock buyback, Straight bond, Super sinker bond, Surety bond, Stock loan, Second preferred stock, Stock dividend, Savings rate, Single stock futures, Savings element, 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and if issued, X or XD, Year-To-Date, Yankee bond market, Yield to call, Yield to maturity, Yield to worst, Y shares, Zero-coupon bond