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Investment Dictionary, Terms Starting With [T]

Tangible asset Tangible net worth Times interest earned Top line Total assets Total cost Transaction Trial balance Term CD Thrift Time deposit Time draft Transfer Tax anticipation note Tax-exempt bond Tax renevue anticipation note T-Bill Term Term bond Term to maturity TIPS Ton Trade Trading Tranche Treasuries Treasury auction Treasury Bill Treasury Bond Treasury Direct Treasury Inflation-Protected Security Treasury Note Triple exemption Trust-preferred security Tailgating Take a position Ticket Time order Tombstone Trader Trading authorization Transfer Transmittal letter Two-sided market Two-way market Total return Times interest earned Trailing P/E Trust-preferred security Tight monetary policy Tight money Trade barrier Trade deficit Trade surplus Treasury Trickle-down theory Take delivery Trade Trade house Trading Trading range Triple witching hour Tariff Tax haven Third World Trade barrier Term insurance Title insurance Tax Tax schedule Technical analysis Tender offer Ticker Ticker symbol Top line Total asset turnover Total cost Total return Total return index Trailing P/E Transfer agent Treasury Stock Trend Tombstone Tacit Tenancy by the entirety Terminate Terms Testamentary trust Testate Testator Testimony Third party Title Trust Trust company Trust fund Trustor Teaser rate TED spread Term deposit Termination Statement Term loan Time note Treasury index Triple net lease Truth in Lending Two-step mortgage Takeover Takeover target Target Tender offer Tax-free bond fund Tax-managed fund Term trust Total asset turnover Trade Trading Transfer agent Triple exemption Turnover Theoretical value Time spread Trade Trading Triple witching hour Type Tax lien Tax roll Teaser rate Tenancy Tenancy at will Tenancy by the entirety Tenant Time-sharing Title binder Title company Title defect Title insurance Title search Transfer Transfer tax Treasury index Truth in Lending Two-step mortgage Tax deferral Tax-deferred Top hat plan Transfer payments Ten-bagger The Street Ticker symbol Time stop Trade Trading Trailing P/E Transfer agent Treasury Stock Trust-preferred security Technical analysis Timing the market Top-down Tracking error Tariff Tax Taxable event Taxable income Taxable wage base Tax-advantaged Taxation Tax audit Tax base Tax basis Tax bracket Tax-deductible Tax deduction Tax deferral Tax-deferred Tax-efficient Tax evasion Tax-exempt Tax haven Tax identification number Tax lien Tax loss carryback Tax loss carryforward Tax lot Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Tax planning Tax preference item Tax Reform Act of 1986 Tax Reform Act of 1993 Tax return Tax roll Tax sale Tax schedule Tax shelter Tax shield Tax swap Tax tables Trading profit Transfer tax Triple witching hour Trust-preferred security Technical analysis Technical analyst Technical indicator Technicals Technician Test Top Top out Trading Index Trendline Triangle TRIN Triple bottom T+3 Take a bath Take a position Take delivery Take profits Tape Target price Tax swap Technical analyst Technical indicator Technician Term repo The Street Thinly traded Thin market Third market Ticker Ticker symbol Ticker tape Tick test Tier Tight market Time order Time stop Timing the market Tip Top Top out Total return Total return index Tracking Trade Trade date Trader Trading Trading costs Trading curb Trading floor Trading halt Trading profit Trading range Trading session Trading volume Transaction Transfer Transparent market Trend reversal Trigger Triple witching day Triple witching hour Turnaround Two-sided market Two-way market Term sheet