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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Strategies]

Active management Aggressive Analyze APT Arbitrage Arbitrage house Arbitrage Pricing Theory Arbitrageur Automatic investment plan Automatic reinvestment plan Average down Average up Averaging Back testing Balanced investment strategy Barbell strategy Basis trading Basket Behavioral finance Bottom fisher Box spread Bullet strategy Buy and write Buying on margin Call ratio backspread Cash and carry trade Charting Chasing the market Combination Compound arbitrage Conservative Conservative growth Constant dollar plan Conversion arbitrage Convertible arbitrage Cover Covered arbitrage Defensive investment strategy Defensive stock Diversifiable risk Diversification Dividend rollover plan Dogs of the Dow Dollar cost averaging Double hedging Double up Dow dividend theory Earnings yield Efficient frontier Efficient portfolio Ethical investing Expected return Extrapolation Fixed-income arbitrage Formula investing Fundamentalist Gather in the stops Greater fool theory Green investing Growth Growth industry Growth strategy Idiosyncratic risk Index arbitrage Indexing Investment philosophy Investment policy Ladder strategy Long-term Macro-hedge Market basket Market neutral Market portfolio Market timer Market timing Micro-hedge Neutral hedge Optimization Passive management Perfect capital market Perfect hedge Periodic payment plan Planning Portfolio insurance Portfolio theory Preservation of capital Program Program trading Put ratio backspread Qualitative analysis Qualitative research Quantitative analysis Rebalancing Research Risk Risk/return trade-off Risk arbitrage Risk-averse Riskless arbitrage Risk management Risk neutral Risk premium Risk seeking Scalp Security analysis Selling hedge Selling short Selling short against the box Sensitivity analysis Short Short cover Shorting against the box Short position Short purchase Short sale rule Short squeeze Speculator Stock screening Structured portfolio strategy Swing trade Systematic investment plan Technical analysis Timing the market Top-down Tracking error Unsystematic risk Value averaging Value investing Value stock Variable ratio plan Zero-beta portfolio Zero-investment portfolio