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Investment Dictionary, Terms Starting With [C]

Calendar year Cancelled check Capex Capital Capital appreciation Capital asset Capital efficiency Capital expenditure Capital growth Capital investment Capitalize Capitalized cost Capitalized interest Capital liability Capital loss Capital resource Cash Cash asset ratio Cash basis Cashbook Cash budget Cash control Cash conversion cycle Cash cycle Cash earnings Cash equivalence Cash journal Cash ratio Certified Public Accountant CFA Charge Closing entry COGS Collection Collection ratio Combined financial statement Commercial year Common-size statement Comparative statements Consolidated financial statement Contra account Contribution margin Cost Accounting Cost Of Goods Sold Cost of sales CPA Credit order Cumulative Current debt Current liabilities Cancelled check Cash reserves Central assets account Certified check Check Checkbook Checkbook register Checking account Clear Clearance Cleared date Clearing Clearinghouse funds Collection float Commercial bank Commission Compensating balance Compound interest Consumer bank Continuous compounding Correspondent Credit card Credit union Current income Custodial account Cabinet security Call Callable Callable bond Call date Called away Called bond Call price Call protection Call risk Cap Capital market Capital structure Cash equivalents Cash reserves Catastrophe bond CAT bond CBO Certificate Certificateless municipal bond Certificate of Participation Chart Circular Class CLO CMO Collar Collateralized Bond Obligation Collateralized Mortgage Obligation Collateral trust certificate Collaterized Loan Obligation Combination bond Commercial paper Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Commodity-backed bond Common stock equivalent Companion bonds Consol Consolidated bond Consumer debenture Conversion Conversion option Conversion parity price Conversion premium Conversion price Conversion ratio Conversion value Convertible Convertible debenture Convertible debt Convertible Eurobond Convertible security Convex Corporate bond equivalent Corporate trust Corpus Coupon Coupon bond Coupon pass Coupon rate Coupon yield Credit analyst Credit risk Current coupon bond Current issue Current market value Current maturity Current production rate Current yield Cushion CUSIP CUSIP number Cage Call money rate Cancel Cash account Central assets account Central Registration Depository Clearance Clearing Clearing corporation Clearing firm Clearinghouse Clearing member Client Closed out Code of procedure Commission house Comparison Compliance Compliance department Composite tape Consolidated tape Contingency order Contingent order Contra broker Contract broker Correspondent Countermand Coverage Coverage initiated CRD Credit balance Crossed trade Crossing Crowd Custodial account Customer protection rule Cable Cambist Cash Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME Convertible currency Covered arbitrage Currency Currency convertibility Currency fluctuations Currency swap Cash dividend Constructive receipt Cumulative dividend Cumulative preferred Current income Current yield Capitalization of income Capitalization rate Capital structure Cap rate Cash earnings Capital account Capital consumption allowance Capital formation Capitalism Civilian unemployment rate Coincident indicator COLA Command economy Comparative advantage Competition Confidence indicator Constant dollar GDP Constant dollars Consumer Consumer confidence Consumer confidence index Consumer Price Index Contraction Cost of Living Adjustment Cost-of-living index Council of Economic Advisers Countercyclical CPI Credit squeeze Current account Current dollars Customer Cycle Cyclical Cyclical industry Cyclical stock Cyclical unemployment Car Carrying charge Cash and carry trade Cash commodity Cash market Cash price Cash settlement CBOT Certificated stock CFTC Chart Chasing the market Cheapest to deliver Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Mercantile Exchange Class CME COMEX Commercial hedger Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Commodities Exchange Act Commodities Exchange Center Commodity-backed bond Commodity Exchange Commodity futures Commodity Futures Trading Commission Commodity paper Commodity pool Commodity-product spread Commodity Trading Advisor Contango Contract grades Contract market Contract month Convergence Cost basis Crack spread Crop year Crush spread CTA Current delivery CUSIP CUSIP number Cable Cambist Chaebol CINS number Convertible Eurobond Country risk Currency fluctuations Customs Captive agent Carrier Cash surrender value Cash value Cash value life insurance policy Cash withdrawal Casualty insurance Casualty loss Catastrophic coverage Chartered Life Underwriter Claim CLU Coinsurance Combination plans Contingent beneficiary Conversion privilege Convertible term insurance Copay Cost-of-living rider Credit insurance Credit life insurance Callable stock Capital budget Capital gains distribution Capitalization rate Capitalized interest Capital structure Cash dividend Cash earnings Certificated stock Certificate of stock Chart Chicago Board Options Exchange CINS number Closed corporation Closely held Closing entry Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Common-law voting Common stock equivalent Consolidated financial statement Constructive receipt Consumer stock Control stock Corporate action Corporate governance Cost of carry Cost Of Goods Sold Cost of sales Cumulative dividend Cumulative preferred Cumulative voting Current income Current liabilities Cyclical stock Circle Collar Competitive bid Corporate Financing Committee Caveat emptor Certificate Certificate of title Ceteris paribus Chapter 13 Class action suit Clear title Codicil Collusion Commitment Community property Comply Compulsory Condemnation Confidentiality agreement Confirmation Consideration Contingency Contingent liability Contingent remainder Contract Contract for deed Contract sale Conveyance Corporate fiduciary Counterclaim Counteroffer Covenant Custody Customary arrangement Call Call money rate Cancellation of debt Cap Carrying charge Cash advance Cash collateral Cash credit Cash-out refinancing Certificate of Claim Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Character loan Charge card Chattel mortgage Classified loan Clean Clearinghouse funds CLO Closed-end credit Closing statement Collateral Collateral note Collateral surety Collaterized Loan Obligation Collection float Comaker Commercial bank Commercial credit Commercial finance Commercial lending Commercial mortgage Commercial property Commitment fee Commitment letter Compound interest Conduit borrower Conforming loan Consolidation loan Consumer credit Consumer debt Consumer interest Continuous compounding Conventional mortgage Convertible ARM Correspondency system Cosigner Cost of debt capital Cost of funds Covenant Credit Credit agency Credit analyst Credit card Credit default swap Credit derivative Credit enhancement Credit limit Credit line Creditor Credit score Credit squeeze Cross-collateralization Crowding out Cure period Current production rate Consolidation Controlled company Creeping tender offer Capital appreciation fund Capital gains distribution Cash equivalents Chart Circular Class Clone Clone fund Closed-end fund Closed-end investment company Closed fund Collective trust Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Composition Contingent deferred sales charge Core holding Crossover fund C shares CUSIP CUSIP number Custodial account Calendar spread Call Called away Call option Call ratio backspread Call swaption Cashless exercise CBOE CBOT Chart Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Board Options Exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange Class Class of options Close to the money Closing transaction CME Collar Combination COMEX Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Commodities Exchange Act Commodity Exchange Commodity pool Commodity Trading Advisor Condor Contract size Conversion arbitrage Counterparty risk Covered call Covered option Covered put Covered straddle Credit spread CUSIP CUSIP number CAD Cap Capital asset Cash Against Documents Cash-out refinancing Certificate of Occupancy Certificate of title Chattel mortgage Clear title Closing Closing agent Closing date Closing statement Cloud on title Commercial mortgage Commercial property Commission Condemnation Condominium Contingent remainder Contract for deed Contract sale Conventional mortgage Convertible ARM Conveyance Cooperative Current production rate Cafeteria plan Cash-balance plan Cash or Deferred Arrangement Cliff vesting CODA Collectively bargained plan Combination annuity Contribution Cabinet security Calendar effect Callable stock Call price Capital Asset Pricing Model Capital commitment Capitalization weighted index Capital market Capital structure CAPM Capping Cash sale Certificate Certificate of stock Chart Choice market Circular Class Class A Shares Class B Shares Closed corporation Closely held Closing tick Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Common-law voting Common stock equivalent Composite Composition Conduit theory Consensus forecast Consensus recommendation Conservative growth Consumer stock Contributed capital Controlled company Control stock Conversion Conversion option Conversion parity price Conversion premium Conversion price Conversion ratio Conversion value Convertible Convertible arbitrage Convertible debenture Convertible debt Convertible security Corporate repurchase Coverage Coverage initiated Crash of 1929 Crash of 1987 Cumulative dividend Cumulative preferred Cumulative voting Current yield CUSIP CUSIP number Cyclical stock Call ratio backspread Cash and carry trade Charting Chasing the market Combination Compound arbitrage Conservative Conservative growth Constant dollar plan Conversion arbitrage Convertible arbitrage Cover Covered arbitrage Capital gains tax Capital loss carryover Carryback Carryforward Cash or Deferred Arrangement Child and dependent care credit Closing statement CODA Conduit theory Consolidated tax return Constructive receipt Consumer debt Consumer interest Cost basis Credit Candlestick charts Chart Charting Chartist Coefficient of determination Congestion Correlation Correlation coefficient Cost of sales Covariance Cup and handle Cabinet security CAD Calendar spread Cancel Capital gains tax Capital loss Capital market Capping Cash account Cash Against Documents Cash and carry trade Cash buying Cash delivery Cashless exercise Cash sale CBOE CBOT Certificate of delivery CFTC Chasing the market Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Board Options Exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange Choice market CINS number Circuit breaker Close Close a position Closed out Close market Close out Closing bell Closing price Closing purchase Closing tick CME Collar Combination COMEX Commission Commodities Exchange Center Commodity Exchange Competitive Compliance Condor Confirmation Congestion Contingency order Contingent order Continuous market Contra broker Contract broker Contract size Contramarket Conversion arbitrage Convertible arbitrage Cornering the market Correction Cost of carry Countermand Cover Covered call Covered option Covered put Covered straddle Crash Credit balance Crossed trade Curb Curbs in Curbs out Civilian unemployment rate Corporate venture capital