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Investment Dictionary, Terms Starting With [D]

Days payable Days Sales Outstanding Debit Debit note Debt service coverage Declining balance method Deferred charge Deferred credit Deferred revenue Deferred tax Deficit net worth Depreciated cost Depreciation Direct profit Disbursement Discretionary expense Double budget Double-declining balance depreciation method Double-entry bookkeeping DSO Date draft Dealer bank Debit card Demand deposit Deposit in transit Deposit multiplier Depository Deposit slip Direct deposit Direct sends Discrete compounding Dishonor Disintermediation Draft Drawee Drawer Drawing account Date of issue Date of payment Dealer market Debenture Debt Debt capital Debt-equity swap Debt financing Debtholder Debt limit Debt market Debtor Debt shelf Deep-discount bond Deferred interest bond Delivery vs. payment Delivery vs. receipt Delivery vs. repayment Denomination Derivative Digested security Direct issuer Direct paper Discount bond Discounted bond Distribution date Dollar bond Dollar price Double exempt Drawn securities Droplock security Dual currency bond Dual listing Due date Duration gap Dutch auction DVP DVR Dwarf Daisy chaining Day loan Day order Dealer Dealer bank Dealer market Deep discount broker Del credere agency Designated Order Turnaround Differential Discount broker Discretionary account Discretionary order Division of Enforcement Division of Investment Management Division of Market Regulation Do Not Reduce DOT Drawdown Denomination Derivative Devaluation Dollar terms Dual currency bond Date of payment Date of record Declare Disbursing agent Distribution date Distribution period Dividend clawback Dividend clientele Dividend discount model Dividend in arrears Dividend payout ratio Dividend rate Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividend requirement Dividend rollover plan Double taxation DRIP Dilution Dilutive Dividend payout ratio Dividend requirement Double taxation Deflation Deflator Demand Demand elasticity Demand inflation Demand-pull inflation Demonetization Denationalization Depletion Deposit multiplier Depression Deregulation Desk (the) Diminishing marginal returns Diminishing return Discount rate Disinflation Dismal science Division of labor Dollar shortage Downturn Draining reserves Durable goods orders Daily trading limit Deferred month Deliverable grades Delivery month Delivery point Delivery price Delta Denomination Derivative Derivative security Digested security Drawn securities Dual listing Depositary receipt Devaluation Dollar bond Dollar shortage Dollar terms Domestic Domestic corporation Date of issue Death benefit Decreasing term life Deductible Demutualization Disability insurance Double indemnity Dual life insurance Deal stock Debt service coverage Declare Defensive stock Deficit net worth Demand rights Depreciation Dilution Dilutive Disbursing agent Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Dissolution Distribution stock Dividend clientele Dividend discount model Dividend in arrears Dividend rate Dividend requirement Donated stock Double taxation Dow Dow Jones Averages Dow Jones Industrial Average Dated date Date of issue Deficiency letter Directed share program Direct financing Direct placement Direct Public Offering Distributing syndicate DPO Due diligence Damages Decree Deed De-escalation clause De facto Defeasance Defendant Defer Delivery Disclaimer Disclosure Discretion Discretionary Discretionary trust Disposition Documentation Doing business as Due process Durable Power of Attorney Date of maturity Dating Day loan Debenture Debit balance Debt Debt consolidation Debtor Debtor in possession Debtor-in-possession financing Debt retirement Debt service Deed of Release Deed of Trust Default Default risk Deferred payment Delinquent Demand loan Direct lease Discharge Discharge of bankruptcy Discharge of lien Discount loan Discrete compounding Dishonor Double net lease Down payment Due date Due-on-sale clause Duration gap Deal stock Date of payment Denomination Digested security Distribution date Dollar cost averaging Drawn securities Dual listing Dual-purpose fund Daily trading limit Debit spread Deep in the money Deep out of the money Delta Delta hedging Delta spread Denomination Derivative Derivative security Diagonal spread Digested security Double witching hour Downside protection Drawn securities Dual listing Debt Deed Deed of Release Deed of Surrender Deed of Trust Department of Housing and Urban Development Direct lease Discharge of lien Disposition Down payment Due-on-sale clause Dwarf Death benefit Deferred account Deferred annuity Deferred payment annuity Defined benefit plan Defined contribution plan Determination Letter Direct rollover Direct transfer Distress termination Date of issue Date of record DAX 100 Deal stock Debt-equity swap Defensive stock Delayed opening Delist Delivery vs. payment Delivery vs. receipt Delivery vs. repayment Demand rights Demutualization Denomination Depositary receipt Derivative Diamonds Digested security Directed share program Direct participation program Dirty stock Distressed security Distribution stock Dividend Reinvestment Plan DJIA Donated stock Dow Dow Jones Averages Dow Jones Industrial Average Drawn securities DRIP Dual listing Dummy CUSIP DVP DVR Defensive investment strategy Defensive stock Diversifiable risk Diversification Dividend rollover plan Dogs of the Dow Dollar cost averaging Double hedging Double up Dow dividend theory Deductible Deduction Deferred account Deferred tax Deficiency Dependent Determination Letter Direct deposit Direct rollover Direct transfer Disposable income Dividend clientele Double exempt Double taxation Drawback Duty Descending bottoms Descending tops Detrend Double bottom Double top Double top breakout Down volume Daily high Daily low DAX 100 Daylight trade Day order Day trade Day trader Dead cat bounce Decimalization Decline Deep market Defensive stock Delayed opening Depth of market Desktop ticker Differential Dip Discount yield Discretionary account Discretionary order Divergence Dollar volume Do Not Reduce Double auction market Double up Double witching hour Downside protection Downside risk Downtick Downtrend Down volume Drawdown Drop Dual listing Due bill Deal Deal flow Direct financing Due diligence