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Investment Dictionary, Terms Starting With [P]

Payables Payee Payer Permanent capital Petty cash Plant Pooling of interests Posting Pre-depreciation profit Pre-tax profit margin Profit Profit and loss statement Profit margin Pro forma Property inventory Passbook Penalty Postdate Private banking Paper Paper dealer Par bond Participating GIC Participation certificate Pass-through Pass-through coupon rate Paying agent Payment date Payment-in-kind security Performance bond Permanent financing Phantom income Pickup Pickup bond Point Pool Positive yield curve Preferred debt Preliminary official statement Premium bond Premium over bond value Premium over conversion value Prepayment speed Prerefunding Price Value of a Basis Point Primary instrument Prime paper Prior lien bond Private sector pass-through Privileged bond Prospectus Provisional call feature Public bond Public offering Public purpose bond Purchase Put bond Put provision PVBP Passbook Payment for order flow Pink Sheets Position Primary Dealer Prime broker Prime brokerage Private placement PSA Public limited partnership Public Securities Association Purchase Purpose loan Pegging Pip Primary instrument Participating dividend Participating preferred Payable date Paying agent Payment date Payout ratio Plow back Preference shares Preferred shares Preferred stock Prior preferred stock Payout ratio Permanent capital P&L Plow back Primary earnings per share Profit and loss statement Profit warning Provision for income taxes Panic Peace dividend Personal Consumption Expenditures PPI Price index Private debt Producer Price Index Productivity Productivity report Public goods Public sector Parity price Physical commodity Physical market Physicals Position trader Price limit Primary instrument Prospectus Purchase Pacific Rim Parallel importing Paris Club Petrodollars Partial surrender Participating GIC Participating insurance Penalty Performance bond Peril Periodic payment plan Personal Injury Protection PMI Policy Policyholder Policy limit Policy loan Policy surrender Portability Portfolio manager PPO Pre-existing conditions Preferred Provider Organization Private Mortgage Insurance Property damage coverage Property inventory Parity Participating dividend Participating preferred Payable date Paying agent Payment date Payout ratio Performance Permanent capital Phantom income Plow back Pooling of interests Portfolio Pre-depreciation profit Preferred stock Premium raid Pretax Pre-tax profit margin Primary earnings per share Prior preferred stock Profit Profit and loss statement Profit margin Profit warning Pro forma Proportional representation Provision for income taxes Proxy statement Pipeline Placement Pot Preliminary prospectus Primary market Public company Public offering Public offering price Public Securities Association Party Permit Per stirpes Plaintiff Pour-over will Power of Attorney Property Provision Punitive damages Package mortgage Paid Paid up Partially amortized loan Partial release Participation Participation certificate Participation loan Past-due balance method Paydown Penalty Personal guarantee Personal interest Piggyback loan PITI Pledging PMI Point Points Policy loan Pool factor Positive carry Positive yield curve Predatory lending Preferred debt Preforeclosure sale Prepaid interest Prepayment Prepayment penalty Prepayment privilege Prepayment risk Prepayment speed Prequalification Previous balance method Prime Prime rate Principal Principal amount Principal balance Principal risk Prioritization of debt Prior redemption privilege Private debt Private Mortgage Insurance Proceeds Projected maturity date Promissory note Purchase-money mortgage Pure lease Purpose loan People pill PMV Poison pill Pooling of interests Premium raid Private Market Value Proxy contest Proxy fight Payment date Performance-based compensation Phone switching Pooled fund Portfolio manager Primary instrument Prime rate fund Private placement Prospectus Publicly-traded fund Purchase Pure index fund Pairs trade Payoff diagram Perpendicular spread Physical option Position limit Premium income Price limit Price spread Primary instrument Privilege dealer Prospectus Protective put Protective put buying Purchase Put Put option Put swaption Put warrant Package mortgage Partial release Participation Passive income Passive loss Penalty Perfecting title Perfect title Personal property PITI PMI Pool Pool factor Possession Preforeclosure sale Prepayment risk Prepayment speed Prequalification Principal Principal amount Principal balance Private Mortgage Insurance Private sector pass-through Projected maturity date Property Property tax Purchase agreement Purchase-money mortgage Participating GIC PBGC Penalty Pension Pension benefit Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Pension fund Pension plan Pension reversion Periodic payment plan Plan asset Plan sponsor Portability Portfolio manager Premature distribution Preretirement survivor annuity Profit-sharing Prototype plan Prudent Expert Act Paid-in capital Paid-in surplus Participating preferred Participating trust Passive investor Payable date Payback period Paying agent Payment-in-kind security Percent held by institutions Permanent capital Permanent financing Piggyback registration rights PIPE Point Preference shares Preferred shares Preferred stock Premium over conversion value Pre-syndicate bid Primary instrument Prior preferred stock Private company Private Investment in Public Equity Profit and loss statement Proportional representation Prospectus Provisional call feature Proxy statement Public Public company Public equity Publicly held Publicly traded Public offering Public ownership Purchase Passive management Perfect capital market Perfect hedge Periodic payment plan Planning Portfolio insurance Portfolio theory Preservation of capital Program Program trading Put ratio backspread Patronage dividend Penalty Personal exemption Phantom income Premature distribution Pretax Pre-tax profit margin Private letter ruling Progressive tax Property assessment Property inventory Property tax Proportional tax Proprietor Proprietorship Provision for income taxes Public purpose bond Pattern Pennant Plateau Point-and-figure chart Probability distribution Profit ratio Projection Painting the tape Paper loss Paper profit Paper trading Parking Peak Pegging Perfect competition Play Plus tick Plus tick rule Portfolio Portfolio tracking Position Positive Volume Index Priced out Price range Price-weighted index Primary exchange Primary listing Profit-taking Public book Purchase Purpose loan Put/call ratio PVI Pyramiding Pipeline Pitch Private equity Private limited partnership