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Clause or stipulation in an agreement. Examples: Acceleration clause, Accidental death benefit, After-acquired collateral, antidilution Provision, Call provision, Cash withdrawal, Coinsurance, Cumulative dividend, Cure period, Due-on-sale clause, Escalation clause, Green shoe, Incontestability clause, Interest rate Cap, marital Deduction, Partial release, Rate-improvement, Release clause, wage Assignment.

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margin, Buy on close, Buy on opening, Basic earnings per share, Bank Rate, Base interest rate, Base period, Benefit, Bill of sale, Base rate, Blended rate, Broker loan rate, Back-end load, B shares, Benefit offset, Blackout period, Break-even tax rate, Capitalized interest, Cash, Cash asset ratio, Cash basis, Cash budget, Cash control, Cash conversion cycle, Cash cycle, Cash earnings, Cash equivalence, Cash journal, Cash ratio, Collection ratio, Cumulative, Cash reserves, Compound interest, Call, Call date, Call price, Call protection, Call risk, Cap, Cash equivalents, Collateral trust certificate, Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures, Conversion ratio, Coupon rate, Current production rate, Call money rate, Cash account, Cash dividend, Cumulative dividend, Cumulative preferred, Capitalization rate, Cap rate, Civilian unemployment rate, Cash and carry trade, Cash commodity, Cash market, Cash price, Cash settlement, Cash surrender value, Cash value, Cash value life insurance policy, Cash withdrawal, Casualty insurance, Coinsurance, Convertible term insurance, Credit insurance, Credit life insurance, Cumulative voting, Confidentiality agreement, Contract sale, Cash advance, Cash collateral, Cash credit, Cash-out refinancing, Closed-end credit, Collateral, Collateral note, Collateral surety, Consumer interest, Cure period, Closed-end fund, Closed-end investment company, C shares, Call option, Call ratio backspread, Call swaption, Covered call, Cash Against Documents, Cloud on title, Cash-balance plan, Cash or Deferred Arrangement, Cash sale, Class A Shares, Class B Shares, Cash buying, Cash delivery, Close a position, Curbs in, Deposit in transit, Deferred interest bond, Due date, Distribution period, Dividend clawback, Dividend clientele, Dividend discount model, Dividend in arrears, Dividend payout ratio, Dividend rate, Dividend Reinvestment Plan, Dividend requirement, Dividend rollover plan, Dilution, Discount rate, Death benefit, Disability insurance, Dual life insurance, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Due diligence, De-escalation clause, De facto, Doing business as, Due process, Debtor in possession, Debtor-in-possession financing, Deed of Release, Direct lease, Double net lease, Due-on-sale clause, Deep in the money, Defined benefit plan, Dow dividend theory, Deduction, Due bill, Efficiency ratio, Effective annual interest rate, Exact interest, Ex-legal, Either-or order, Exchange rate, Effective par, Economic growth rate, E-mini, Exchange versus cash, Ex-pit transaction, Excess insurance, Executive indemnity insurance, Effective tax rate, Employee stock repurchase agreement, Ex-all, Exchange ratio, Express agreement, Explicit interest, Exercise assignment, Exercise ratio, Ex-warrants, Escalation clause, Escalator clause, Early withdrawal penalty, Earned benefit, Exclusion ratio, Ex-rights, Ex-rights date, First In First Out, Fixed-charge coverage ratio, Form 10-Q, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, First call date, Floating-rate bond, Federal Call, Fill or kill, Front-ending an order, Floating exchange rate, Foreign exchange rate, Forward exchange rate, Forward P/E, Fully diluted earnings per share, Federal Reserve Discount Rate, Front-end load, Form S-1, Fixed rate, Fixed-rate loan, Fixed-Rate Mortgage, Floating rate, Forward interest rate, Forward Rate Agreement, Forward sale, Federal Insurance Contributions Act, Flexible benefit plan, Federal ID Number, G-7, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, G-8, Grace period, Group insurance, Green shoe, Group sale, Grandfather clause, Gross lease, Ground lease, Gather in the stops, Green investing, House call, Hypothecation agreement, Hedge ratio, Hazard insurance, Health insurance, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Hedge clause, Holder in due course, High-ratio mortgage, Holding period, Held at the opening, Interest-bearing, In escrow, Interest rate collar, Interest rate risk, Interest rate swap, In-house, Indicated dividend, In line, Inflation rate, Interest rate futures, Interbank Rate, Incontestability clause, Insurable interest, Insurance, Insurance agent, Insurance broker, Insurance carrier, Insurance claim, Insurance examiner, Insurance policy, Insurance premium, Interest, Interest expense, Internal Rate of Return, Indication of interest, Inc., In intestacy, Inter vivos trust, Imputed interest, Interest deduction, Interest-only loan, Interest rate, Interest rate cap, Interest rate ceiling, Interest rate floor, In play, In-process research and development, Interest rate option, I/O strip, Inchoate interest, Interest-only strip, Incidental benefit, Income replacement ratio, In-service withdrawal, In and out, In sympathy, In the tank, Last In First Out, Liquidity ratio, Lending at a rate, Limit-on-close order, London Inter-Bank Offer Rate, Level premium insurance, Level term insurance, Life insurance, Long-term care insurance, Lockup period, Legal age, Leveraged lease, Lifetime cap, Loan-value ratio, Lock-in, Land lease, Lease, Lease-purchase agreement, Long-term lease, Large cap, Locked in, Long-term gain or loss, Last sale, Level I quotes, Modified cash basis, Municipal bond insurance, Municipal Bond Insurance Association, Maintenance call, Make a market, Margin agreement, Margin call, Margin rate, Market on close order, Major medical insurance, Mortgage life insurance, Make whole provision, Market rate, Money at call, Mortgage interest deduction, Mortgage rate, Market cap, Medium-cap, Micro cap, Mid cap, Marital deduction, Mill rate, Mutual improvement certificate, Net interest margin, Non-cash expense, Negotiable Order of Withdrawal, Nominal rate, Non-interest-bearing note, Notice of Sale, Net capital ratio, Non-cumulative preferred, Notice period, Nonparticipating life insurance policy, Non-compete agreement, Non-disclosure agreement, Naked call, Net lease, Nonforfeitable benefit, Normal retirement age, Nasdaq Small Cap Market, Operating cash flows, Overhead ratio, Ordinary interest, On-floor order, On margin, Or better, Omitted dividend, Optional dividend, Operating rate, Open interest, On account, On-the-spot loan, Open-end credit, Open-end mortgage, Open-end fund, Open-end management company, Occupancy agreement, Open-end lease, Operating lease, Old age, survivors, and disability insurance, On-balance volume, Odd lot buy/sell ratio, On close, On open, On the opening, Petty cash, Pro forma, Par bond, Pass-through coupon rate, Payment-in-kind security, Price Value of a Basis Point, Provisional call feature, Put provision, Participating dividend, Payout ratio, P&L, Primary earnings per share, Provision for income taxes, Peace dividend, Partial surrender, Participating insurance, Private Mortgage Insurance, Per stirpes, Provision, Partial release, Past-due balance method, Personal interest, Preforeclosure sale, Prepaid interest, Prime rate, Pure lease, Proxy contest, Prime rate fund, Purchase agreement, Pension benefit, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, Paid-in capital, Paid-in surplus, Payback period, Private Investment in Public Equity, Portfolio insurance, Put ratio backspread, Patronage dividend, Profit ratio, Put/call ratio, Quiet period, Retention rate, Return on Capital, Return on Invested Capital, Return on Total Assets, Revolving collateral, Run rate, Real interest rate, Regulation Q, Reserve ratio, Rate covenant, Regulation D, Regulation G, Regulation T, Regulation U, Rate of exchange, Real economic growth rate, Reduced paid-up insurance, Replacement cost insurance, Ratio, Red herring, Regulation A, Release letter, Rate-improvement, Rate lock, Release clause, Renegotiable rate, Ratio calendar combination, Ratio calendar spread, Ratio spread, Ratio write, Raw land, Redemption period, Ratio analysis, Return on Capital Employed, Rate of return, Real rate of return, Repurchase agreement, Reverse repurchase agreement, SG&A, Savings Association Insurance Fund, Simple interest, S&L, Series EE bond, Spot rate, Special dividend, Stock dividend, Savings rate, Swap rate, Second-to-die insurance, Self insurance, Single-premium life insurance, Stock life insurance company, Survivor benefit, Survivorship insurance, Short interest, Short interest ratio, Supplemental agreement, Sale and leaseback, Sandwich lease, Security interest, Start rate, Subordination clause, Synthetic lease, Special use property, Step-down lease, Step-up lease, Santa Claus rally, Small cap, Short sale rule, S Corporation, Short-term gain or loss, Standard deduction, Standard mileage rate, Subchapter M, Subchapter S Corporation, Schedule C, Seek a market, S&P phenomenon, Times interest earned, T-Bill, Take a position, Trailing P/E, Term insurance, Title insurance, Teaser rate, Triple net lease, Truth in Lending, Tenancy at will, Taxable wage base, Tax deduction, Tax sale, Test, Take a bath, Tick test, Tip, U.S. Government Agency Security, U.S. Savings Bond, U.S. Treasury, U.S. Treasury Bill, U.S. Treasury Bond, U.S. Treasury Note, U.S. Treasury Securities, Underwriting agreement, Unpaid dividend, Unemployment rate, Umbrella liability insurance, Uniform submission agreement, Unearned interest, Uncovered call, Variable rate, Variable ratio write, Vesting period, Variable ratio plan, Withdraw, Withdrawal, With interest, Wage price spiral, W-2 Form, Wash sale rule, W formation, When, as, and if issued, X or XD, Yield to call, Y shares