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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Law and Estate Planning]

Abeyance Abstract of title Accept Acknowledge Action to quiet title Adhesion contract Adjudication Administrator Affidavit Affinity fraud Alienate Alienation Alimony Allegation Amendment Antedate Antitrust laws Arbitration As is Assign Assignability Assignee Assignment to creditors Assignor Attest Attorney in fact Authentication Authorize Backdate Beneficiary Bequeath Bequest Bill of exchange Bill of sale Binder Blue Laws Blue Sky Laws Boilerplate Bona fide Breach Breach of trust By the book Caveat emptor Certificate Certificate of title Ceteris paribus Chapter 13 Class action suit Clear title Codicil Collusion Commitment Community property Comply Compulsory Condemnation Confidentiality agreement Confirmation Consideration Contingency Contingent liability Contingent remainder Contract Contract for deed Contract sale Conveyance Corporate fiduciary Counterclaim Counteroffer Covenant Custody Customary arrangement Damages Decree Deed De-escalation clause De facto Defeasance Defendant Defer Delivery Disclaimer Disclosure Discretion Discretionary Discretionary trust Disposition Documentation Doing business as Due process Durable Power of Attorney Easement Effective date Eminent Domain Endorsement Enrolled agent Entitlements Equitable owner Escheatment Escrow Execution Executor Express agreement Fiduciary Filing Forfeiture Forgery Fraud Good faith Grandfather clause Grantor Guarantee Guarantor Guardian Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Hedge clause Heir Holdback Holder in due course Immunity Inalienable Inc. Incorporated Inheritance In intestacy Injunction Instrument Inter vivos trust Intestate Investment Advisor Act of 1940 Involuntary conversion Irrevocable Joint Joint venture Joint will Judgment Jurisdiction Legacy Legal Legal age Legal entity Legal risk Letters testamentary Liable Libel Litigate Living trust Living will Ltd Making delivery Malpractice Mediation Minor child Mortgage lien Negligence Net estate No-Action Letter Non-compete agreement Non-disclosure agreement Nondiscretionary trust Nonjudicial foreclosure Notarize Notary Public Notice Null and void Opinion of title Ordinance Party Permit Per stirpes Plaintiff Pour-over will Power of Attorney Property Provision Punitive damages Quiet title Ratify Remainder Replevin Representative Rescind Rescission Restrictive covenant Revisionary trust Revocable trust Revocation Revoke Rider Right of first refusal Right of rescission Right to Know Settle Settlor Severability Severalty Slander Statute Statute of Limitations Statutory Statutory investment Stipulate Stock power Structured settlement Subpoena Sue Sunshine laws Supplemental agreement Tacit Tenancy by the entirety Terminate Terms Testamentary trust Testate Testator Testimony Third party Title Trust Trust company Trust fund Trustor Uniform submission agreement Valid Verbatim Victim Impact Statement Void Voidable Waiver Wall