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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Bonds]

Above par Accreted value Accrual bond Accrual of discount Accrued interest Accrued market discount Accumulation bond Acknowledge Active management Advance refunding After-tax basis Agency bond Agency security American Municipal Bond Assurance Corporation American Stock Exchange AMEX Amortization of premium Amortized value Anticipation note Arrearage Arrears Ask Asked price Asking price Asset-backed security Asset swap Assumed bond At par Authority bond Baby bond Balanced fund Balloon maturity Bank-eligible issues Basket Bearer Bearer bond Bearer instrument Below par Benchmark interest rate Best ask Best bid Bid Bid/ask spread Bid-to-cover ratio Bill Bill pass Blanket bond Blend fund Block Block trade Blue List Bond anticipation note Bond Buyer Bond circular Bond crowd Bonded Bond equivalent yield Bond fund Bondholder Bond indenture Bond market Bond ordinance Bond quote Bond resolution Bond swap Book-entry security Brady bond Bullet bond Bullet contract Bureau of Public Debt Busted convertible Buy Cabinet security Call Callable Callable bond Call date Called away Called bond Call price Call protection Call risk Cap Capital market Capital structure Cash equivalents Cash reserves Catastrophe bond CAT bond CBO Certificate Certificateless municipal bond Certificate of Participation Chart Circular Class CLO CMO Collar Collateralized Bond Obligation Collateralized Mortgage Obligation Collateral trust certificate Collaterized Loan Obligation Combination bond Commercial paper Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Commodity-backed bond Common stock equivalent Companion bonds Consol Consolidated bond Consumer debenture Conversion Conversion option Conversion parity price Conversion premium Conversion price Conversion ratio Conversion value Convertible Convertible debenture Convertible debt Convertible Eurobond Convertible security Convex Corporate bond equivalent Corporate trust Corpus Coupon Coupon bond Coupon pass Coupon rate Coupon yield Credit analyst Credit risk Current coupon bond Current issue Current market value Current maturity Current production rate Current yield Cushion CUSIP CUSIP number Date of issue Date of payment Dealer market Debenture Debt Debt capital Debt-equity swap Debt financing Debtholder Debt limit Debt market Debtor Debt shelf Deep-discount bond Deferred interest bond Delivery vs. payment Delivery vs. receipt Delivery vs. repayment Denomination Derivative Digested security Direct issuer Direct paper Discount bond Discounted bond Distribution date Dollar bond Dollar price Double exempt Drawn securities Droplock security Dual currency bond Dual listing Due date Duration gap Dutch auction DVP DVR Dwarf Embedded option Equity-linked note Equity risk premium Escrowed to maturity Eurobond Euroclear Eurodollar bond Euroequity issues Euroyen bond Event risk Exchange Exchangeable security Exempt security Ex-legal Extendible note Extension swap External financing External funds External market Face-amount certificate Fallen angel Fannie Mae Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Federal National Mortgage Association Federal Reserve Note FHLMC Fidelity bond Finance Financial instrument Financing flows Fine paper First call date Fiscal agent Fixed income Fixed income equivalent Fixed-income arbitrage Flat Flat yield curve Flight to quality Flip-flop note Floater Floating-rate bond Flow of funds FNMA Forward Free bond Full Full lot Full price General Obligation Bond GIC Gilt Ginnie Mae Ginnie Mae pass-through Global bond GNMA Gnomes Gold bond Good delivery Government Bond Government National Mortgage Association Government Paper Governments Government securities Government Securities Clearing Corporation Grade Graduated security GSCC Guaranteed bond Guaranteed Investment Contract High-grade bond High yield Housing bond Income bond Indenture Index bond Index-linked bond Industrial revenue bond In escrow Inflation-indexed security Installment bond Insured bond Interchangeable bond Interest-bearing Interest rate collar Interest rate risk Interest rate swap Intermediate-term International Securities Identification Number Intrinsic value Inverse floater Inverted scale Inverted yield curve Invested capital Investment bill Investment-grade bond Investment letter Investment security Investment value Irredeemable bond ISIN Issue date Issuer Junior Junior refunding Junk bond Kicker Law day Law of one price Letter security Limited risk Listed Listing Little Board Long Long Bond Long position Long-term Maintenance bond Marketability Marketable security Market basket Market capitalization Market conversion price Master notes Matrix trading Matured Maturity Maturity date Maturity gap Maturity value MBIA MBS Medium-term Medium-term bond Mezzanine debt Minimum yield Minus yield Mob spread Modified duration Moral obligation bond Mortgage-backed certificate Mortgage-backed security Mortgage bond Mortgage pass-through security Mortgage pool Muni Municipal bond Municipal bond fund Municipal bond insurance Municipal Bond Insurance Association Municipal investment trust Municipal note Municipal revenue bond Muni fund National Market System Near money Negative yield curve Negotiable security New York Stock Exchange Nine-Bond Rule Nominal Nominal rate Non-callable Non-callable bond Noncompetitive bid Non-interest-bearing note Nonrefundable Normal yield curve Note Notice of Sale NYSE Obligation Obligation bond Obligor Offer Offering Offering circular Offering price Offering scale OID Original Issue Discount OTCBB OTC Bulletin Board Out-of-favor Outside financing Outstanding Over-the-Counter Paper Paper dealer Par bond Participating GIC Participation certificate Pass-through Pass-through coupon rate Paying agent Payment date Payment-in-kind security Performance bond Permanent financing Phantom income Pickup Pickup bond Point Pool Positive yield curve Preferred debt Preliminary official statement Premium bond Premium over bond value Premium over conversion value Prepayment speed Prerefunding Price Value of a Basis Point Primary instrument Prime paper Prior lien bond Private sector pass-through Privileged bond Prospectus Provisional call feature Public bond Public offering Public purpose bond Purchase Put bond Put provision PVBP Quality spread Quotation Quote Rate covenant Rating Rating service Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit Redeem Redeemable Redeemable bond Redemption date Redemption price Refunding Registered coupon bond Registered security Registrar Regular-way delivery Remaining maturity REMIC Rentier Residual security Restricted security Retire Return Revenue anticipation note Revenue bond Risk Round lot Savings Bond SEC SEC filing Secondary distribution Secondary market Secondary offering Secured bond Securities and Exchange Commission Self-supporting bond Sell Selling flat Senior refunding Sentiment Serial bond Series bond Series EE bond Series HH bond Shelf offering Shelf registration Short bond Short-term Short-term reserves Sideways Sinker Sinking fund Sovereign debt Split coupon bond Split offering Split rating Spot rate Staggered maturities Stamped security Step-up bond Stock buyback Straight bond Straight value Strip Structured note Student Loan Marketing Association Subordinated Super sinker bond Surety Surety bond Sweetener Tax anticipation note Tax-exempt bond Tax renevue anticipation note T-Bill Term Term bond Term to maturity TIPS Ton Trade Trading Tranche Treasuries Treasury auction Treasury Bill Treasury Bond Treasury Direct Treasury Inflation-Protected Security Treasury Note Triple exemption Trust-preferred security U.S. Government Agency Security U.S. Savings Bond U.S. Treasury U.S. Treasury Bill U.S. Treasury Bond U.S. Treasury Note U.S. Treasury Securities Underlying debt Unit Unlimited risk Unlimited tax bond Unlisted Unseasoned issue Wallpaper Watch list With interest X or XD Yankee bond market Yellow Sheets Yield Yield burning Yield curve Yield elbow Yield spread Yield to call Yield to maturity Yield to worst Zero-coupon bond