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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Lending and Credit]

Abatement Acceleration clause Acceptance Accommodation paper Accommodative monetary policy Account Accounts receivable Adjustable rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage Adjustment bureau Adjustment date Advance rate Affordability index After acquired clause After-acquired collateral Alienation clause Amortization Amortization schedule Amortization term Annual mortgagor statement Annual Percentage Rate Anticipation Applicable federal rate Appraisal Appraiser APR Asset-backed security Asset-based finance Asset-based lending Asset conversion loan Asset financing Assignment of mortgage Assignment to creditors Assumable mortgage Assumption At call Average daily balance Average daily balance method Average life Bailing out Balance Balloon loan Balloon note Balloon payment Bank credit Bank Rate Bankrupt Bank term loan Base interest rate Base rate Basis point Blanket lien Blended rate Borrow Bridge financing Bridge loan Broker loan Broker loan rate Business credit Business finance companies Bust-up takeover Call Call money rate Cancellation of debt Cap Carrying charge Cash advance Cash collateral Cash credit Cash-out refinancing Certificate of Claim Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Character loan Charge card Chattel mortgage Classified loan Clean Clearinghouse funds CLO Closed-end credit Closing statement Collateral Collateral note Collateral surety Collaterized Loan Obligation Collection float Comaker Commercial bank Commercial credit Commercial finance Commercial lending Commercial mortgage Commercial property Commitment fee Commitment letter Compound interest Conduit borrower Conforming loan Consolidation loan Consumer credit Consumer debt Consumer interest Continuous compounding Conventional mortgage Convertible ARM Correspondency system Cosigner Cost of debt capital Cost of funds Covenant Credit Credit agency Credit analyst Credit card Credit default swap Credit derivative Credit enhancement Credit limit Credit line Creditor Credit score Credit squeeze Cross-collateralization Crowding out Cure period Current production rate Date of maturity Dating Day loan Debenture Debit balance Debt Debt consolidation Debtor Debtor in possession Debtor-in-possession financing Debt retirement Debt service Deed of Release Deed of Trust Default Default risk Deferred payment Delinquent Demand loan Direct lease Discharge Discharge of bankruptcy Discharge of lien Discount loan Discrete compounding Dishonor Double net lease Down payment Due date Due-on-sale clause Duration gap Easy monetary policy Effective annual interest rate Electronic wallet Enterprise zone Equity kicker Equity mortgage Evaluator Evergreen loan Exact interest Eximbank Explicit interest Export-Import Bank Fair Credit Reporting Act Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fannie Mae Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Federal Housing Administration Federal National Mortgage Association Federal Savings and Loan Association FHA FHA Loan FICO score Finance charge Finance company Financial institution Financial risk Financing Firm commitment lending First mortgage Fixed rate Fixed-rate loan Fixed-Rate Mortgage Float Floating rate Floor loan Forfeiture Forward differential Forward interest rate Forward Rate Agreement Forward sale FRA FRM Full faith and credit Funded debt General lien General mortgage Ginnie Mae Grace period Graduated payment Growing equity mortgage Haircut Hang out loan High credit High-ratio mortgage Home equity Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Home equity debt Home equity line of credit Home equity loan Home Mortgage Disclosure Act HUD-1 statement Hypothecation Impaired credit Imputed interest Indexed loan Insolvent Installment Installment loan Insured mortgage Interest Interest-bearing Interest deduction Interest-only loan Interest rate Interest rate cap Interest rate ceiling Interest rate floor Interim financing Inventory financing Inverted yield curve Involuntary liquidation Joint and several liability Joint mortgage Jumbo loan Junior Junior debt Law day Leaseback Legal assets Lend Lender Leveraged lease Lien Lien affidavit Lienee Lifetime cap Line of credit Loan Loan note Loan schedule Loan sharking Loan stock Loan-to-cost Loan-to-value Loan value Loan-value ratio Lock-in Long-term debt Long-term mortgage Loose credit LTC LTV Lump sum Make whole provision Margin Marginal lender Margin loan Market rate Matured Maturity Maturity date Maturity gap MBS Minimum payment Modified pass-through Money at call Money factor Morning loan Mortgage Mortgage-backed certificate Mortgage-backed security Mortgage banker Mortgage banking Mortgage bond Mortgage broker Mortgage debt Mortgagee Mortgage interest deduction Mortgage lien Mortgage life insurance Mortgage note Mortgage pass-through security Mortgage pool Mortgager Mortgage rate Mortgage REIT Mortgage risk Mortgage servicing Mortgagor Negative amortization Negative carry Negative equity Negative yield curve Negotiable instrument No-lien affidavit Non-callable Non-conforming loan Nonperforming asset Nonrecourse debt Non-revolving credit card Normal yield curve Note loan Notice of Default Notice of Sale Notional principal amount Novation Obligation Obligor On account On-the-spot loan Open-end credit Open-end mortgage Open mortgage Ordinary interest Original principal balance Origination fee Outstanding Overdraft Overlying mortgage Owe Owner financing Package mortgage Paid Paid up Partially amortized loan Partial release Participation Participation certificate Participation loan Past-due balance method Paydown Penalty Personal guarantee Personal interest Piggyback loan PITI Pledging PMI Point Points Policy loan Pool factor Positive carry Positive yield curve Predatory lending Preferred debt Preforeclosure sale Prepaid interest Prepayment Prepayment penalty Prepayment privilege Prepayment risk Prepayment speed Prequalification Previous balance method Prime Prime rate Principal Principal amount Principal balance Principal risk Prioritization of debt Prior redemption privilege Private debt Private Mortgage Insurance Proceeds Projected maturity date Promissory note Purchase-money mortgage Pure lease Purpose loan Qualifying ratios Rate-improvement Rate lock Rating Real estate owned Real interest rate Receipt Receivership Recourse loan Redlining Refinancing Regulation G Regulation T Regulation U Regulation Z Reinstate Rejection Release clause Remaining principal balance Renegotiable rate Replevin Repossession Rescheduled loan Reset frequency Residential mortgage Restrictive covenant Retail lending Retire Reverse-annuity mortgage Reverse mortgage Revolving line of credit Rich Right of recourse Risk Roll over Rollover mortgage Rule of 78 Sale and leaseback Sallie Mae Sandwich lease Satisfaction of debt Secondary mortgage market Second mortgage Secured credit card Secured loan Securities lending Security interest Security loan Self-amortizing mortgage Seller financing Senior Senior debt Senior security Servicer Settle Settlement sheet Share appreciation mortgage Short-term Sight letter of credit Signature loan Simple interest Single-payment loan SLMA Soft loan Stafford loan Standard payment calculation Standby loan commitment Start rate Stock power Structured finance Student Loan Marketing Association Submortgage Subordinated Subordinated debt Subordination clause Subrogate Swap Swing loan Synthetic lease Teaser rate TED spread Term deposit Termination Statement Term loan Time note Treasury index Triple net lease Truth in Lending Two-step mortgage Unearned interest Unsecured Unsecured loan Usury Valuable consideration Variable rate Vendor financing Voucher Working capital loan Workout Wraparound loan