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Financial institution

Institution which collects funds from the Public and places them in financial Asset, such as deposits, Loan, and bonds, rather than tangible Property.

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deposit, Nine-Bond Rule, Non-callable bond, Nominal asset, Net Asset Value, Notary Public, Null and void, Non-conforming loan, Nonperforming asset, Note loan, Non-investment property, Off the books, Other current assets, Obligation bond, Over-the-Counter, On-floor order, On margin, On account, On-the-spot loan, Open-end fund, Option income fund, Out of the money, Old age, survivors, and disability insurance, On-balance volume, On close, On open, On the opening, Profit and loss statement, Pro forma, Property inventory, Par bond, Payment-in-kind security, Performance bond, Pickup bond, Premium bond, Premium over bond value, Price Value of a Basis Point, Prior lien bond, Privileged bond, Public bond, Public offering, Public purpose bond, Put bond, Public limited partnership, Public Securities Association, Purpose loan, P&L, Primary earnings per share, Public goods, Public sector, Policy loan, Property damage coverage, Public company, Public offering price, Per stirpes, Property, Partially 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