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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Mutual Funds]

12b-1 funds Active management Advisor Aggressive growth fund Alpha Amortized value Analyst A shares Asked price Asking price Asset allocation fund Assets under management Asset turnover Automatic investment plan Automatic reinvestment plan Automatic withdrawal Average price per share Back-end load Balanced fund Basket Below par Benchmark risk Best ask Best bid Beta Bid Bid/ask spread Blend fund Bogey Bond fund Breakpoint B shares Buy Capital appreciation fund Capital gains distribution Cash equivalents Chart Circular Class Clone Clone fund Closed-end fund Closed-end investment company Closed fund Collective trust Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Composition Contingent deferred sales charge Core holding Crossover fund C shares CUSIP CUSIP number Custodial account Date of payment Denomination Digested security Distribution date Dollar cost averaging Drawn securities Dual listing Dual-purpose fund Elephant Enhanced index fund Environmental fund Equity fund Equity funding Euroequity issues Exchange Exchange fund Exchange privilege Exempt security Exit fee Expense External market Face-amount certificate Family of funds Financial advisor Financial analyst Financial instrument Fine paper Flow of funds Focused fund Forward Front-end load Fund Fund family Fund manager Fund of funds Fund supermarket Global fund Good delivery Grade Graduated security Growth and income fund Growth fund Hedge fund Hidden load Historical yield Identified shares Income fund Income risk Index fund In escrow Institutional fund Institutional shares International fund International Securities Identification Number Intrinsic value Investment company Investment fund Investment objective Investment policy Investment security Investment trust ISIN Issuer Law of one price Letter security Level load Lifecycle fund Limited risk Listed Listing Load Load-adjusted return Load fund Long Long position Management company Manager Marketability Marketable security Market basket Morningstar Rating System Municipal bond fund Muni fund Mutual fund Mutual fund custodian Mutual fund symbol NAV Negotiable security Net Asset Value New York Stock Exchange No-load Non-resident alien tax NYSE Objective Offer Offering circular Offering price Open-end fund Open-end management company Option income fund OTCBB OTC Bulletin Board Out-of-favor Outstanding Over-the-Counter Payment date Performance-based compensation Phone switching Pooled fund Portfolio manager Primary instrument Prime rate fund Private placement Prospectus Publicly-traded fund Purchase Pure index fund Quotation Quote Rating Rating service Redeem Redemption fee Regional fund Registered security Registrar Regular-way delivery Reinvestment privilege Restricted security Retire Risk SEC SEC filing Sector fund Securities analyst Securities and Exchange Commission Sell Sentiment Series fund Share Socially conscious investing Socially responsible fund Specialized fund Specialty fund Split rating Stamped security Standard deviation Stock fund Style Survivorship bias Switching Systematic investment plan Tax-free bond fund Tax-managed fund Term trust Total asset turnover Trade Trading Transfer agent Triple exemption Turnover Unit Unlimited risk Unlisted Voluntary accumulation plan Wallpaper Watch list World fund Wrap account Y shares Z shares