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Investment Dictionary, In Category [Stocks]

19c3 stock Above par Across the board Action Activity Additional paid-in capital Adjustable rate preferred stock ADR ADS Affiliated person Aftermarket Aggregate corporation Alpha American Depositary Receipt American Depositary Share American Stock Exchange AMEX Amortized value Ask Asked price Asking price At par Automatic investment plan Average Average daily volume Average down Average up Balanced fund Basic earnings per share Basket Bearer share Below par Best ask Best bid Beta Bid Bid/ask spread Big Board Black Friday Black Monday Black Tuesday Blend fund Block Block trade Blowout Blue Chip Bonus share Book inventory Book value per share Borrowed stock Broad-base index Broken lot Bubble Bubble theory Bulk segregation Bulletin board Busted convertible Buy Buy and write Buy-side Cabinet security Calendar effect Callable stock Call price Capital Asset Pricing Model Capital commitment Capitalization weighted index Capital market Capital structure CAPM Capping Cash sale Certificate Certificate of stock Chart Choice market Circular Class Class A Shares Class B Shares Closed corporation Closely held Closing tick Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Common-law voting Common stock equivalent Composite Composition Conduit theory Consensus forecast Consensus recommendation Conservative growth Consumer stock Contributed capital Controlled company Control stock Conversion Conversion option Conversion parity price Conversion premium Conversion price Conversion ratio Conversion value Convertible Convertible arbitrage Convertible debenture Convertible debt Convertible security Corporate repurchase Coverage Coverage initiated Crash of 1929 Crash of 1987 Cumulative dividend Cumulative preferred Cumulative voting Current yield CUSIP CUSIP number Cyclical stock Date of issue Date of record DAX 100 Deal stock Debt-equity swap Defensive stock Delayed opening Delist Delivery vs. payment Delivery vs. receipt Delivery vs. repayment Demand rights Demutualization Denomination Depositary receipt Derivative Diamonds Digested security Directed share program Direct participation program Dirty stock Distressed security Distribution stock Dividend Reinvestment Plan DJIA Donated stock Dow Dow Jones Averages Dow Jones Industrial Average Drawn securities DRIP Dual listing Dummy CUSIP DVP DVR Earnings report Earnings yield Effective par Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employee stock repurchase agreement Equity capital Equity financing Equity kicker Equity-linked note Equity option Equity REIT Equity risk premium Equity swap ESPP Euroequity issues European Depositary Receipt Exchange Exchangeable security Exchange fund Exchange ratio Exempt security Exercise Exercise ratio Ex-rights Ex-rights date External financing External funds External market Ex-warrants Fannie Mae Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Federal National Mortgage Association FHLMC Finance Financial instrument Financing flows Fine paper First preferred stock Fixed income Fixed income equivalent Fixed investment trust Float FNMA Form 8-K Forward Forward P/E Forward pricing Fractional share Free float Free right of exchange Friends and family offering FTSE Full lot Full ratchet Full stock Fully diluted earnings per share Fully valued GDR Gilt-edged Ginnie Mae Ginnie Mae trust Global Depositary Receipt GNMA Going public Good delivery Government National Mortgage Association Governments Grade Graduated security Growth stock Hang Seng Index High-flyer High-tech stock HOLDR Hot issue Identified shares Income stock In escrow Insider International Securities Identification Number Intrinsic value Invested capital Investment company Investment letter Investment security Investment trust Investment value IPO ISIN Issue date Issuer January Effect Joint Stock Company Junior equity Kangaroos Laggard Large cap Law of one price Leaders Leading the market Letter security Limited risk Listed Listing Listing requirements Little Board Loan stock Long Long position Marginable stock Marketability Marketable securities Marketable security Market basket Market cap Market capitalization Market conversion price MBS Medium-cap Micro cap Mid cap Mortgage-backed certificate Mortgage-backed security Mortgage pass-through security Municipal investment trust Mutual fund Nasdaq Nasdaq Small Cap Market National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations system National Market System Negotiable security New York Stock Exchange Nifty Fifty No-load stock Nominal capital Nominal value Non-callable Non-cumulative preferred Nonstock Corporation Nonvoting stock NYSE Offer Offering Offering circular Offering price One-share one-vote rule Operating profit margin Optionable stock Original issue stock OTCBB OTC Bulletin Board Out-of-favor Outside financing Outstanding Over-the-Counter Paid-in capital Paid-in surplus Participating preferred Participating trust Passive investor Payable date Payback period Paying agent Payment-in-kind security Percent held by institutions Permanent capital Permanent financing Piggyback registration rights PIPE Point Preference shares Preferred shares Preferred stock Premium over conversion value Pre-syndicate bid Primary instrument Prior preferred stock Private company Private Investment in Public Equity Profit and loss statement Proportional representation Prospectus Provisional call feature Proxy statement Public Public company Public equity Publicly held Publicly traded Public offering Public ownership Purchase QQQ Qualifying share Qualitative analysis Qualitative research Quant Quantitative analysis Quotation Quote Rating Rating service Reconstitution Record date Redeem Redeemable shares Redemption price Registered security Registrar Regular-way delivery Regulation FD Residual security Restricted security Restricted stock Retire Return on Capital Return on Invested Capital Return on Total Assets Reverse acquisition Reverse split Reverse Take-Over Rich Right Rights offering Risk ROIC Round lot Sallie Mae Santa Claus rally SEC SEC filing Secondary distribution Secondary listing Secondary market Secondary offering Secondary stock Second preferred stock Securities and Exchange Commission Securities lending Sell Selloff Sentiment Shakeout Share Shareholder Shareholder value Share price Shelf offering Shelf registration Short market value Sinking fund Sleeper SLMA Small cap Special situation Split-adjusted price Split rating Sponsored ADR Stamped security Standard deviation Statutory voting Stock association Stock buyback Stock certificate Stock consolidation Stock dividend Stock exchange Stockholder Stock index Stock list Stock market Stock symbol Story stock Straight value Student Loan Marketing Association Subindex Subsidiary Sweetener Symbol Syndicate Syndicate bid Systematic investment plan Ten-bagger The Street Ticker symbol Time stop Trade Trading Trailing P/E Transfer agent Treasury Stock Trust-preferred security UIT Underwriting group Unit Unit Investment Trust Unit Trust Unlimited risk Unlisted Unseasoned issue Unsponsored ADR Value stock Vetoing stock Voting right Voting stock Voting trust Wallpaper Wall Street Watch list Watered stock Widow-and-orphan stock X or XD XR XW Yield